Are You Inspiring Them With This?

There’s a lot of darkness in the world. A pandemic. Corrupt and failed politicians. Institutions groaning under the weight of modern problems. Maybe your neighbors are a jerk, or your boss sucks. 

It can be easy to feel depressed about how things are. It can be easy to pass this onto your children. But how fair is that? You’re going to let your cynicism infect them? This early?


Both of you need to seek out inspiring stories, you need to look for the good and praise it, savor it. As Plutarch writes, quoting the poet Phocylides, 

Should teach while still a child

The tale of noble deeds.

You have to read them biographies. Tell them stories. Tell them of Cincinnatus. Read them poems about the greats. Watch great movies together. Show them those videos of kids doing nice things, or of ordinary heroes making the world a better place. 

Fill their heads with stories of greatness and goodness, not darkness and despair. Let them know that people can make a difference. Teach them that they are heirs to a grand tradition. 

Tell yourself that too, because we need to remember it.

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