How To Raise Generous Kids

It’s a world with too many problems. It’s a world with too much suffering. It’s a world with too much selfishness. We can’t fix all of this as people nor as parents. But we can try to help a little. We’ve talked before about Ron Lieber’s clever description for the goal of most parents. We’re…

No One Has It Better Than You

Things could be so much better. This could be a world that takes care of parents and families. It could be a world with a better safety net. It could be a world where we don’t shrug after a school shooting, or as democracy is dismantled by fanatics and nutjobs.  We could use more support….

It’s Been Like This A While

Kids have always been like this. They’ve always been crazy. Always had trouble sleeping at night. Always liked to play and explore. They’ve been overwhelmed by hormones. They’ve been driving their parents crazy a long time. We talked a while back about Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Children’s Games painting which depicts a loud and raucous…

This Is What To Train Them In

It’s easy to forget it when you see them hitting a sibling. Or when you catch them in a lie. When you hear them say something mean. When the call comes in from school, or worse, the police station. It’s easy to forget that our kids are good. That they have good morals. A good…

How To Care Less What Others Think

We used to need so much to be happy, as we talked about recently. We needed things to go well. We needed excitement and success. We needed people to like us. We needed people’s approval. But now? Now, not so much. Conan O’Brien, who like any performer has some part of him that craves attention…



We’re going to tackle all the big themes of our time and of all time: Grit. Resilience. Curiosity. Compassion. Character. Unconditional love. Finding purpose. Dealing with stress. Masculinity. Female empowerment. Loss. Stillness. Truthfulness. Initiative. Creativity. Passion. Family. Fun.

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