Cherish the Good Moods

They’re an overtired infant. They’re a hangry toddler. They’re a moody teenager.

They’re a nightmare, is what they are.

But you know what? They weren’t like that a few hours or days or months ago. They were in a good mood. They wanted to spend time with you. They were up early and excited—for what, who knows? But that’s not the question that needs answering, that actually matters. The one that matters is, where were you when they weren’t a nightmare, when they were a dream?

You were grouchy. Or you were on your phone. Or you were working. Or you were preoccupied with travel plans or household chores or Twitter or what you were watching on TV.

Our children’s moods are so fleeting. As they get older, they want to spend time with us so rarely. The windows of time we get with them were already so small, and they only get smaller.

Do not take that for granted! As we’ve said before—when they reach out their hand, take it. When they’re in a good mood, don’t shake it off…soak it in. Cherish it. Better still, participate in it. Be part of the circumstances that make the good moods last longer and happen more frequently. Because soon enough, you’re going to miss them.

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