Count These Small Mercies

There are so many things that won’t go right for you as a parent. So many frustrations, impositions and obligations. So many things you thought would go one way will end up going another. The key then, unless you want to end up a swamp of resentments and regrets, is to count the small mercies. 

Of course, you want your kid to make the soccer team…but if they get cut that means more free Saturdays to do things they maybe are better at. You want your daughter to go to her first choice college…but if she gets rejected, that’s an opportunity to find what she really wants to study and do with her life. You want your son to have lots of friends in elementary school…but if he’s a lone wolf then that one good friend he does have will be the best friendship in the world. 

With every door that closes in life, there is also a window. Every cloud has a silver lining. Every cruel blow of fate also contains a small mercy. What are you going to focus on? Which handle are you going to grab? Most importantly, what example are you going to provide for your kid when you come face to face with your own frustrations?

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