Don’t Let Them Mainline Materialism

Every parent with young kids right now has to be caught off guard with the rapid rise of YouTube channels that are basically filled with videos of kids opening and unwrapping toys and presents (and sometimes, more creepily, not children, but adults doing it). Some of these channels have literally billions of views—hundreds of hours of footage of toys. 

And kids love these videos. They are mesmerizing. It’s kids who look just like them having non-stop Christmases and birthdays. It’s the joy of getting a present…on infinite loop.

Every parent has their own philosophy when it comes to screen time, and there are arguments to be made for letting them watch TV and stream videos, and arguments against it. But it should not be controversial to say these videos should be avoided like the plague! You are letting an impressionable child mainline materialism. Instead of playing with their toys, they’re watching other kids play? It’s comically sad and backwards. Instead of even learning from something with a story or a plot, we’re going to hand them over to advertisements for hours on end? 

C’mon. Keep them away from that. The same is true for older kids. Magazines like The Robb Report and television shows like Real Housewives (or anything on HGTV and Bravo) are just slightly more mature versions of the same advertisement—the advertisement that says, “You’ll be happier with more stuff. Possessions are what matters most in life.”

It’s terrible! For them. For you too. Steer clear. 


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