Every Step Comes With This

There was that moment after they were born that you found yourself looking forward to when they could crawl. It will be so fun, you thought…right up until they started crawling away and getting themselves into dangerous situations.

In a sense, this is a metaphor for parenting itself. Because every single step they take is like this. Literally. You looked forward to them walking, and you’ve been chasing them ever since, worried ever since. You think it’ll be great when they’re old enough to start walking themselves to school, and it is. But it also means they’ll start asking you to walk all sorts of places unsupervised. It’ll be great when you don’t have to drive them anymore, but then you’ll have to trust them behind the wheel…a truly terrifying thought.

We talked a while back about that Morgan Wade lyric–that every dream is a parent’s fear. That’s what every step of progress and independence is for our kids. It’s wonderful and exciting and we’re so proud of what it means for them. But for us? Well, it also means worry. It means they can get into trouble. It means we can’t protect them the way we so naturally crave (by keeping them close).

This is something you’re going to have to accept. It’s also another reminder to, you know, not try to press the fast forward button in your mind. Enjoy the moment that you have right now. Don’t bother wishing for the next milestone…it’ll come sooner than you can bear.

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