Give Them This…While You Can

We’ve written before about William Stafford and some of his beautiful, thoughtful insights about parenting. But his final insight was actually his best. 

When Stafford fell dead of a heart attack at age 79, his wife and children found on his desk a piece of paper with a short phrase on it, perhaps the very last words he wrote in a fifty-year career. It was simply, “And all my love…”

Now “love” was not a word that Stafford used much. It might not be one that you’re comfortable using much either. But you should…while you can…while you’re still here. 

As we said, Stafford was lucky enough to recognize and hear his eulogy while he was alive—taking note one evening as his adult children talked pleasantly into the wee hours at the family table. It seems that his will and testament in return was those few words, “And all my love…”

Beautiful—but again, better if we can say it while we’re still here and while we’re around to hear a response. And not just say it but give it. 

They deserve that, you know. All your love…

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