If It Works, Do It Again

We parents are like field goal kickers. Just like if a certain shirt or a pair of socks brings them luck, we’re always looking for something, anything that will give us an edge. Just like a free throw shooter going through a preposterous routine, we’re religious about ours too. 

Oh, this book puts them to sleep? We’ll read it every single night. Oh, they were quiet in the car last time we gave them a packet of goldfish crackers? We’re on it. Oh, we had a good time as a family last time we rented this beach cottage? We’ll be vacationing there for the next twenty years. 

It’s absurd. It’s probably insane. But hey, if it works? If it makes you feel better? Why not?

This parenting thing is so scary, the stakes so high, the feedback so uncertain, we’ll lean on anything—even ridiculous superstitions. If it works, it works and we’ll stick with it. Over and and over and over again. 

Don’t let anyone get in your head about it.

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