It’s Always A Blessing

The thing about being a parent is that it gives you superpowers—or at least a superpower. Nothing too special. You can’t fly. You can’t stop bullets with your chest. But you are able, at least with the right frame of mind, to be serene and happy in the kinds of situations that make everyone else miserable. 

A delayed flight. A sick day. Traffic. A pandemic. These are things other people dread. Parents certainly don’t look forward to them but they always have this: They understand it’s time they get to spend with their kids. 

All the inconveniences of life are, through the lens of our superpower, an opportunity to hang out with the people we love most! Who can beat that? In fact, delayed flights and traffic or a rainy day are some of the best opportunities period…because now your kids are trapped! Who cares if they don’t want to spend time with you? You’ve got them where you want them. 

Of course, inconveniences are still inconveniences. Delayed travel can cause problems. The last year was rough in so many ways. But as parents, deep down, we know there is always a blessing in those difficulties. Even when they’re not sleeping, even being home, suspended from school, as frustrating as these things are, it’s still wonderful to get to spend more time with them. When we harness that superpower, we can make just about anything a blessing. We can turn garbage time into quality time, we can turn obstacles into advantages, we can turn an ordinary problem into an extraordinary experience

So don’t dread the unexpected. Don’t avoid the difficulties. Don’t complain about the inconveniences. Enjoy them. They’re a blessing. Because now you get to spend more time with your kids.

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