It’s For Parents Too

Aristotle wrote his famous Nicomachean Ethics for his son, Nicomachus. Seneca was given a philosophy teacher by his father. Cato too, was given the philosophical education his parents felt the promising boy deserved. Marcus Aurelius tried to give Commodus a group of philosophical advisors, and we can imagine that one of his great disappointments in life was that his philosophy and his example didn’t seem to rub off on his son.

Philosophy wasn’t just for monks and academics in the ancient world. Then, as now, it was for people in the real world. For parents. For sons and daughters. For people with day jobs. For people with their own difficult parents.

The great philosophers throughout history knew that the greatest thing one can give their kids is not a great fortune or a big plot of land, but a love for learning, an interest in philosophy, in the pursuit of wisdom.

They need it…but so do you. After all, parenting demands each of the four virtues from us–courage, discipline, justice, wisdom. It requires that we be philosophical in the more colloquial sense too, understanding the big picture, being thoughtful, always knowing what to do.

Anyway, if you’re trying to be a more philosophical parent…or you want to teach philosophy to your kids, you might enjoy the class we’re starting on Nov 6th, Stoicism 101: Ancient Philosophy For Your Actual Life! It’s great for parents. It’s great for families to take together.

Stoicism 101 is a 14-day course designed to teach you how to apply Stoicism in your actual life. Whether this is the first time you’re hearing about Stoicism or you’ve been studying it for years, “there is no role,” as Marcus wrote, “so well suited to philosophy as the one you happen to be in right now.” The role of parent. The role of spouse. The role of dad stuck in traffic with a car full of kids. The role of mom running with a double stroller through the airport to catch a flight. The role of a teenager in high school, starting your first job, whatever.

There is no role not suited to philosophy. There is no role in which Stoicism 101: Ancient Philosophy For Your Actual Life will not make you, your family, and your life better!

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