Just Pick Yourself Back Up

Maybe you haven’t been as good of a dad as you would like to be lately. You were on your phone too much. You let your short temper get the best of you. You prioritized work over family. You got too wrapped up in your expectations, you were too harsh, you didn’t see things their way


That’s all in the past. It happened. It shouldn’t have, but it did. And there’s nothing you can do now to undo it. The question is, now what? We have the power, at any moment, to get back on track. We can choose, always, to return to the standard we want to live up to as parents. 

It’s like with a diet. You can slip a little, then a little more, then the next thing you know, you’ve eaten a whole sleeve of Oreos. Ok. It happened. But tomorrow hasn’t yet. You have a choice. Will you do better? Will you do what you know is right? Will you follow the plan you set out for yourself before the Oreo debacle?

No parent has time to indulge in pity parties. Nor can any parent justify a continued slide. We screw up. We fall short. We’re not what we want to be—what we promised ourselves we’d be, what we owe to our kids. And? We can choose right now to get back on track. We can choose right now to do better

Will you?

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