Of All The Things To Be Extra About, This Is It

It’s clear some parents take things too far. They push their kids too hard in sports. They push them too hard in school. They solve every problem for them, indulge every whim and desire, shelter them from discomfort and the slightest independence. They celebrate the most minor of accomplishments, they encourage the most unusual of behaviors.

Thankfully, there is increasing pushback against this, because it’s all extra and undoubtedly stunting. Still, it’s a bit strange that some of the most vehement pushback is coming from what is being called “safetyism”–as if we really have a problem in society with parents taking too good a care, being too protective of their kids (the number of preventable gun deaths, pool drowning in America alone etc make this painfully and demonstrably untrue).

The hilarious Johnny Knoxville, notorious for his breathtaking and dangerous stunts, was recently asked if he had any thoughts on this–because one might suspect, given his line of work, that he’s much more comfortable with letting his kids mess around and find out.

I’m, oddly enough, a real helicopter parent when it comes to safety. You know, however my sense of humor is and how I deal with them is one thing. But if they’re on a swing when they were little or climbing on the monkey bars, I was right under them. That’s just how I am. The last thing I want for them is to get hurt. Like any parent. But I was a little more cautious with them.

Don’t let anyone think you’re crazy or extra cautious because you worry about your kids, because you take basic precautions. Make them wear a helmet. Watch them like a hawk in the pool. Forgo the trampoline, if that’s what the data shows you. Take them in for their vaccines. Check in on them. Have the tough conversations–with them and with the parents of the friend’s whose house they’re going over to.

If there’s anything to be extra about, it’s this! If there’s anything to be extra about, it’s them!

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