Rich Is How Much You Get To See Your Kids

There are lots of different trappings of wealth. A big house. A nice car. Exotic vacations. First-class flights? Private flights? Not everyone can afford these things. In fact, that’s sort of the point—they are considered fancy and elite because of how elusive they are.

But is this really wealth? Or is this just materialism?

On Christmas (and it’s the Dec 25th entry in The Daily Dad book, too), we quoted Paul Orfalea, the billionaire founder of Kinkos, who defined ‘success’ as having kids who come home for the holidays. He was saying that there are lots of wealthy people out there who don’t have that, who are estranged from their family. But what’s interesting about this idea is that it is largely focused on where you and your kids end up later in life, when they have a choice about how much they see you.

What about now, though, what about the choices you’re making? Can we really say someone is wealthy or rich or successful if the cost of that success is that they themselves are always gone? A rich life is one where you are able to attend your kids’ soccer games, where you watch them grow up. A rich person can afford to be home for dinner at a reasonable time. A rich person might have nannies and an assistant and a big house, sure, but a truly wealthy person is someone who can afford to put down work for a second and do these things themselves.

Maybe not always but often enough.

Hopefully what you’re gathering here that this definition of wealth is actually far more attainable than we often lead ourselves to believe. By this definition, stay-at-home parents are very highly paid. By this definition, a booming, all-consuming career—with an enormous salary—is actually a painful form of poverty; it’s a poverty of time and attention for the things that matter most.

You’re a rich person if you get to see your kids a lot. And when your kids one day pass on those riches to their kids? Now that’s true generational wealth.

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