Soon It Will Be Gone

It’s a haunting thought that, in the busyness and day-to-dayness of parenting, we can so easily forget the little things. The chubby hands of our toddler. The squeaky voice of our teenager. The clear skin of our little boy or girl. The days when we could easily pick them up and carry them. The days when they needed us to drive them around or make their Halloween costumes.

That will soon be gone.

All the things we love, that made us go “Awww!” the first time we saw it, the things that melt our hearts as parents…none of it lasts forever. In fact, some of it has a shockingly short shelf life. It’s only so many months before they walk, so many years before they move out.

It goes by so fast. Tempus fugit is the Latin expression. Time flies.

The question is: Will you capture it? Will you actually notice it and appreciate it and experience it while it’s here? Or will you be on the phone? Will you enjoy and celebrate each milestone? Or will you be so worried about the next one or whether they’re behind or ahead of schedule?

Time flies. Only a present and grateful parent can catch it.

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