There Are No Such Things as “Children’s Stories”

Aesop’s fables are silly stories about dogs and mice and foxes and lions. Children love them. But are they “for kids?” 

No, they are for human beings. They are designed to teach lessons.

Bad stories pander. Good stories entertain. Great ones teach while they do it. 

The question is, what kind of stories are you filling your kid imagination with? What kind of stories are you filling your own life with?

Are you reading them books about pizza? Paw Patrol or The Little Prince? Are they watching unboxing videos on YouTube or Pixar movies? We’ve talked about Cincinnatus. We’ve talked about great poetry. There’s a reason these myths have endured: because they mean something. Because they impart wisdom and meaning that matters. 

They are not for kids, nor are they “too adult.” They deliver truth. And depending on how old we are or what’s going on with us when we read them, we understand them on different levels. They are things we should hear a hundred times… and maybe on the hundred and first time we really get it. Great art does that—it gets better as you grow. Is that true for Pete the Cat? Probably not.

For the last year, we’ve been hard at work on a way to tell the incredible story of Marcus Aurelius. 

Two thousand years ago, Marcus was plucked from obscurity to become emperor of Rome. What he did, who he was, what he learned is something we could all learn from. 

And now, that parable has been illustrated and told for all ages, in The Boy Who Would Be King. Our newest release at Daily Stoic, written by Ryan Holiday in the depths of the pandemic (not unlike the one Marcus ruled through), this new beautifully crafted book is available for preorder now

This 100-page book is produced entirely by Daily Stoic and printed here in the United States. Each page features an illustration by the prolific illustrator Victor Juhasz. 

As a special bonus, if you order this book before March 9th, 2021, you’ll get a FREE audiobook version as well. Simply check out through our website and you’ll automatically get the free audiobook.

The timeless tale is told for all ages and makes a great gift.

Learn more here!

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