There Is Good In Everything

Fatherhood can feel like one tough situation after another. One kid is sick. The other is struggling in school. You just got a call from your neighbor telling you that your son was caught throwing rocks at their house yesterday. Your daughter is being bullied. It looks like the whole family is going to be super late to today’s soccer game. 

Ugh. It’s frustrating. It’s overwhelming. It can feel so negative. 

What we need to remember is moments like this are like that line from Laura Ingalls Wilder: There is good in everything, if only we look for it.

First, isn’t it quite good that we’re alive, having these problems, here in the modern world rather than in 1870 like Wilder was? And can’t there also be good in the situations mentioned above? Because of how you can use them to teach important lessons to your kids? Because they provide an important opportunity for you to be there for them? Because there is something for you to learn here too—even if it’s only patience or understanding?

If we look at everything that is going to get thrown at us as dads as problems, as a burden, we are going to get burned out…fast. But if instead we can see the good in each of these issues, if we can focus on the opportunity within each obstacle, not only will we be more likely to make it through, but we’ll be better dads for it.

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