They Could Be Your Last Words

It was just another show. After this one, the stand-up comedian had over twenty more on this tour alone. Before he went on stage, he got a text from his adult daughter. We don’t know what she said, but it wasn’t urgent.

He could have easily said to himself, I’ll respond later. I’ll call her in the morning. We’ve all done it.

We’re running late. We’re processing emails when they call from the other room. We’re about to go into a meeting when they text us. We’re tired and we rush through our goodnights.

We tell ourselves that we’ll make up for it later, that we’ll respond in a little bit. We tell ourselves that we’ll have another chance, that there will be other phone calls, other texts, more goodnights. But that’s not always true. We can’t know that for sure.

It was Bob Saget, legendary standup, long-time host of America’s Funniest Home Videos and, as Danny Tanner on Full House, “America’s Dad”, who got that text from his daughter. She was 34 years old. She wasn’t a child. But he took a second to send what neither of them could have known would be his last text. “Thank u,” he wrote, “Love u. Showtime!” Hours later, he’d be found dead, tragically, in his Orlando hotel room at age 65.

No one knows what their last words will be. No one knows how much time they have–in this job, on this planet, with their kids. No one knows what the future holds. So let’s make sure that while the present is in our grasp, we take advantage of it. Let’s use the time we have, before we lose the time we’re never guaranteed. Let’s make sure we tell our kids how we feel about them while we can. Let’s make our words—all our words, every interaction—count.

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