They Have To Do This. You Don’t.

Have you ever left Twitter feeling better about humanity? When was the last time you had a productive discussion with someone on Facebook? How often does Instagram bring out feelings of jealousy or envy in you?

That’s because these platforms are basically middle school and high school. It’s people being their worst selves. It’s algorithmic-enabled immaturity. It’s status signaling and tribal dynamics. It’s basically all the stuff your kids endure or will endure at school.

But here’s the thing: They have to go to school. They get something out of it too. You? You’re doing this voluntarily. It’s insane! And it’s affecting your parenting. You go on these platforms and then the unhappiness infects your home. You’re not present with your kids because you’re scrolling…and then you’re short with them later because it left you in a bad mood. And again…for what?!

There is almost nobody on the planet who would not benefit from less time on social media. Even if it’s part of your job…even if it is your job…less time would make you happier. Less time would make you a better parent. Less time would give you more time to be a parent. So spare yourself the additional time in the halls of junior high, avoid the insanity and the in-fighting. Log off and show up at home