This Is a Family Motto

It was one of those nights. The boys would not go to sleep. They had that contagious energy that so often keeps brothers awake. The first time their father came in to tell them to go to bed, they didn’t listen. The second time, too. More giggling. Fighting. Playing games. Messing around. Getting into mischief. 

Finally, on the third time, Jack Harbaugh was readying to yell, just like the father in the movie Step BrothersRUMPUS TIME IS OVER!! And yet, he didn’t. Instead, he just looked at the boys, caught as they were in the middle of their fun, and said, “Who could possibly have it better than you two? You share, you laugh, you’re brothers, you tell each other stories, you share your dreams. Who could have it better than you two?” 

The boys answered in unison: “Nobody, dad, nobody.”

It was this question that became the Harbaugh family motto, and one worth aspiring to in every family, rich or poor, big or small: Who has it better than us? 

Because the truth is, nobody has it better. Nobody has it like your family does—nobody else’s family would make you happier, nothing could make this better. It’s perfect as it is. 

So relax. Enjoy it. Lean into the craziness.

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