This Is Everything You Ever Wanted

The two boys who look just like you. The daughter who lights up when you pick her up from school. The teenager who wears your old band t-shirts. The mischievous prankster who makes you roll your head back in laughter. The nerd who plays video games with you. The foodie who loves to cook with you. The kid going off to college. The one sitting behind the store counter of their first job.

You dreamed of these things, right? When you imagined your life with kids, that’s what you pictured.

And now you have it, you actually have it. This moment, you dreamed of.

But instead of fully appreciating it, what are you actually thinking about? You’re thinking about how messy your house is. You’re thinking about how they’re going to make you late for work. You’re thinking about how they’re not doing as well in math as they could be. You’re thinking about how they always have an attitude. You’re raising your voice because you already told them five times. You’re complaining because they make so much noise, cost so much money, cause so much trouble.

What is wrong with you? You got everything you ever asked for and more.

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