This Is The Point

​The trip is part of the trip​. You know this—we just talked about it. Getting to the airport, getting on the plane, getting to the hotel—this is all part of the ‘vacation.’ This too is ‘being together.’ It’s not this miserable thing you have to get through until the real part starts.

On some level you know this. But still, here you are, stressed out of your mind. Grouchy. Gritting your teeth. Bearing it.

But do you realize that all of it is part of the trip? The hotel is not a way station, a home base you return to before and after you do the family stuff. It is also family time. Pillow fights, jumping from bed to bed—that’s just as much a part of the childhood experience as the rides at Disneyland. There’s no real difference in ‘specialness’ between a famous restaurant and room service…or even a sandwich from a deli. The specialness is in the presence… if you can muster any.

​Family time is time with family.​ You don’t need to check any more boxes than that. Everything you manage to squeeze in on the road together is extra—or worse, meaningless when it’s full of misery just to make it happen. Stop ignoring what’s in front of you, stop rushing through the garbage time in pursuit of the ‘quality time.’ It’s all great. It’s all wonderful. It’s all part of the trip.

If you remember to see it that way.

P.S. All time together with our children is quality time, as we’ve said before. We created the Tempus Fugit medallion(Tempus Fugit translates to “Time Flies,” by the way) as a powerful reminder that we don’t need to rush through the “garbage time” to get to the good stuff. Because it’s all good stuff. Grab one to carry around with you at the Daily Dad store today!

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