We Are All in This Together

It’s easy to forget this. It’s easy to give into dissension and conflict and zero-sumness. Especially now. Especially when things are so dark. Isn’t that the natural state of things? Survival of the fittest. We’re in a war—our genes need to survive. So screw those other parents, screw their kids. There are only so many spots at Harvard, you know. So many spots in the preschool that will increase their chances to get there. 

We talked recently about the beautiful Alanis Morrisette song she wrote as a message to her two young children—about keeping the light in their eyes ablaze. As she sings, 

The first thing that you’ll notice is some separation from each other

Yes it’s a lie, we’ve been believing since time immemorial

There was an apple, there was a snake, there was division

There was a split, there was a conflict in the fabric of life

One became two and then everyone was out for themselves

Everyone was pitted against each other conflict ruled the realm

All our devotions and temperaments are pulled from different wells

They seem to easily forget we are made of the same cells

Remember: Our kids vs. our kids. We’re all in this together, raising families together. Our interests are far more aligned than they are misaligned. Better schools? We all benefit. Better environment? We all benefit. Public health? We all benefit. Conversely, an extractive economy where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Partisan politics? Hypocrisy? Viciousness? In the end, this comes back to haunt all of us. 

Don’t hoard dreams. Share them. Don’t look out for number one. Look out for everyone. We’re in this together. Our fates are tied up with each other. 

So start acting like it.

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