What Do You Wish You Would Have Known?

Since the first Daily Dad email on Father’s Day 2019, just about everyday we get emails from readers saying things like, “I wish I would have read this before having my first child”, or, “I am going to share this one with a soon to be parent,” or, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this years and years ago!” That’s sort of how parenting works, we learn so much by experience…instead of by the experiences of others.

As the psychologist Adam Grant put it recently, “One of the most irresponsible things we do as a society [is that] we don’t educate parents in the most basic knowledge about developmental psychology.”  We just expect parents to know things. We just assume we’ll figure it out.

Which is crazy because parenting is the most difficult thing any of us will ever do in our lives. It challenges us physically, mentally, spiritually…in every way imaginable. And of all the things we do, the stakes are highest here. Errors and mistakes aren’t measured in regrets or what-ifs but transmogrified into this little innocent person you’ve been entrusted with.

With that in mind, we’ve been hard at work developing The Parent-To-Be: A Daily Dad Parenting Challenge.*

It’s a 30-day challenge, designed to give soon-to-be parents a kind of preparation that soon-to-be parents need.

Every day it’s a challenge teaching these future (or once again) parents how to

…get on the same page with their partner
…address their childhood wounds
…create structure in their life
…set up their village
…become a sleep expert
…set family boundaries

Things to watch. Things to read. Things to think about. Things to do.

The Parent-To-Be: A Daily Dad Parenting Challenge weaves together thousands and thousands of responses from Daily Dad readers to our questionnaires, lessons from philosophy, history, science, and literature  to equip soon-to-be parents with real advice and useful insights that will help them prepare to have kids and set them up to become a great parent.

We’d love to have you join us…or invite someone else who needs it to join us.

Good luck!

*We know that, for a percentage of the Daily Dad readership, it will not make sense to take this challenge. We also know that everyone knows or will know expecting parents. Our goal is for The Parent-To-Be: A Daily Dad Parenting Challenge to become a must-take for those expecting parents. Which is why we hired a software developer to help us make it easy to gift The Parent-To-Be–to a friend, a sibling, a colleague who is expecting.

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