What Does Your Calendar Say?

You say that family is everything. You say your kids are your priority. You say that it’s all for them. But what does your calendar say? What does the way you spend your time say? 

We talk a good game, we convince ourselves…but the facts don’t lie. LOVE is spelled one way: T-I-M-E. How do you spend your time? If the answer is, “constantly at the office,” or “constantly trying to make partner,” or worse, according to the counter on your ScreenTime app, “constantly on your phone,” well…

Of course, privilege comes into this discussion. The single parent working two minimum wage to keep the heat on is not worse than the semi-retired tech millionaire who can walk their kids to school each morning. Just as the tireless non-profit CEO behind some important cause is not worse than the middle manager who puts in the minimum but is home by five each night. But parents of all stripes and all socioeconomic strata have the freedom to choose how they spend their free time, what they put first…after first managing to provide their children’s sustenance.  

We say our kids are important but words don’t matter. Our choices are what matter. Our actions are what matter. Our calendar doesn’t lie. 

Where are you spending your time? What are you demonstrating as your priority? That’s what counts. 

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