What If You Didn’t Think You Knew?

You’re a dad, so you know a lot. You’ve been alive a while. You’ve read a thing or two and heard a thing or two. So when your kids ask you questions—about history, about life, about why people are this way or that way, you’re quick with an answer.

But what if this was actually a bad habit? What if this was a form of stupidity?

“It’s impossible to learn that which you think you already know,” Epictetus said. To the Stoics, conceit was the greatest impediment to knowledge. Conversely, humility and curiosity were paths to wisdom.

In thinking you already—or always—know the answer to things, you’re preventing yourself from learning. You’re already preventing your kids from learning. Because instead of going to discover things together, they’re just relying on you to spit out facts and figures and explanations. 

Ego is the enemy. Stop pretending or assuming you know everything. Focus on learning. Focusing on figuring stuff out in a new way with your kids. You’ll both be made smarter for it.

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