What if You Treated Everyone This Way?

You know that your kids are monsters when they’re tired. You know they don’t make good decisions when they’re hungry. You know that they have emotions and urges and drives operating inside them that they don’t understand. Hormones, ignorance, fear, energy they can’t control.

So whenever they do something, your first thought cannot be, “I am so pissed,” it has to be, “How can I solve this?” You have empathy and compassion for them, so use it so that you don’t take what they do personally. You can see past the mood or the tone and look at what’s really there. Investigate. Guide. Forgive

Well, here’s a question: What if you gave more people this kind of treatment? What if you jumped to conclusions less? What if you investigated more? What if you took fewer things personally? What if you helped more people instead of writing them off? What if you felt pity instead of anger?

The answer is that they would be happier, you would be happier, and the world would be a better place. We’re all struggling with something—often, like children, we’re struggling with things we don’t understand. So let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt. Let’s solve each other’s problems. Let’s be patient and kind

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