What’s Keeping You From It?

Parents make mistakes. Sometimes, they were doing their best and they still fell short. Other times, they were not doing their best and thus fell short. No parent is going to have a perfect record because we are not perfect.

But there is one thing we can do, as we’ve said before (quoting from the great Dr. Becky, whose book Good Inside you must read), is that you can repair. ​It’s never too late to repair​​Never, ever​. In a recent interview, Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks about going to therapy with her 87-year-old mother and what a powerful experience that ended up being with both of them.

“I went to therapy with my mother because she said something to me,” ​she told the New York Times. “It might have been my dad’s birthday — my dad who had passed, and she was remembering that it was his birthday — and she said: ‘I’m sure you’re thinking about your dad. And I know there was stuff there that I wish we’d been able to deal with or talk about when you were younger.’ Because my parents were divorced. ‘I wish we’d had a chance to do that.’ And I said: ‘Oh, well, mom, what’s keeping us? Why don’t we do it?’ And so off we went. And it was very, very helpful.”

First off, how wonderfully sensitive and proactive of her mother. Second, how brave of both them to go. And third, what a statement this is about the possibility and the timelessness of repair. If it can work with adult children, you think you can’t go have that conversation with your teenager? That you can’t get down and speak eye to eye with your 9-year-old about some mistakes you made a few months ago? Of course you can!

Nothing is keeping you. Why don’t you do it?

There will be a time when it is too late—when one of us is gone—and we never know when that will be. So do it now. ​Repair​. Fix. Apologize. Have the conversation. Do the work.

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