When Is Their Time?

Of course, you’re busy. You have work. You have your spouse. You have your kids. You have all the obligations of adulthood. All these things are important. How do you fit it all in?

The truth is, if you’re winging it everyday, you won’t get it all in. Something will fall by the wayside and too often, that’s our kids. Because we can turn on the TV. Because we can strap them in the car seat and bring them along on errands. Because we can tell them, “Sorry, kiddo. I’m busy right now.”

This is why it can be a good idea to have very specific, scheduled time. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg explained about her parenting strategy while she was in law school (at a time when women simply did not do such things),

Our nanny came in at 8 o’clock and left at 4 o’clock. I used the time in between classes to study, to read the next day’s assignment, but 4 o’clock was Jane’s time. We went to the park, played games, sang silly songs. When she went to sleep, I went back to the books. I had to make the most of the time I had. I couldn’t waste time.

You gotta make sure they have their time. Non-negotiable time, just as you do with work or anything else. The kids don’t get your leftovers. What does it say if that’s all we give them? No, they are the priority. Especially if we go around claiming that we are working so hard for our family.

Ok, prove it. Give them their time… the best time.

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