Who Else Would You Rather Do It With?

You have friends. You have interests. Maybe you even have fancy, important friends, and luxurious, wonderful hobbies that you share with those friends.

But at the end of the day, who would you really like to spend time with? What would you really like to do?

When Tom Brady was 13, his father looked at him and said, “There’s nobody I love playing golf with more than you.” Which was wonderful, because many years later Tom Brady told his father that one of the reasons he didn’t party in high school was that he always wanted to be able to get up early and play golf with his dad on Saturday mornings.

The sign that you’re doing this right looks something like that. Maybe not exactly. Maybe it doesn’t take that specific form. But when you want to spend time with them and they want to spend time with you, you can be confident that you’ve nailed a big part of this thing called parenthood.

We only get so much time here on this planet, so much time with our kids under our roofs. Let’s not waste it. Let’s not take it for granted.

Who else would we want to do anything with than our kids? What could be more important? What could be more enjoyable?

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