Why Do We Chase This?

It’s pretty widely agreed that too much of anything spoils a person. We read the cautionary tales of the rich families whose inheritance wrecks generations of offspring. We hear the sad stories of brothers and sisters torn apart trying to distribute their parents’ estate. Perhaps we look back on a childhood of our own, one where we wanted little in the material sense, but could have used a mom or a dad who was around more, who was tired less, who seemed to be so important to other people that they missed how important they were to us.

And yet, here we are, working, working, working to make more, more, more money. Trying to strike it rich. Saving, investing, scheming for that big pay day.

Do we think it’s going to be different for us? Are we not thinking about it at all?

We are moths to a flame, attracted to, fluttering towards a thing that, deep down, we understand is dangerous. We are putting off being with our families now so that we bring them something that is potentially unstable and disruptive? It’s crazy! You say you’re doing it for them, but this is totally inconsistent with what the evidence shows it will do to them and to you!

Stop chasing it. Money aside, you are already so rich–these people, this family, this thing that makes you so wonderfully happy and content, that is real wealth. Don’t trade it for paper.

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