Would It Change Anything?

We’ve talked before about the nature vs nurture debate. As we’ve said, it’s a waste of time (because the debate is clearly settled). But here’s the weird thing, would it even change anything if it weren’t?

Let’s pretend it was proven that it is nature that largely determines human behavior. What would that mean in your life? Would that mean you’d stop trying to be a good parent? You would stop trying to be a positive example? Stop putting your family first? Stop encouraging your kids? Stop spending time with them?

Not unless you had a bad nature. Not unless there was something seriously wrong with you. 

Look, we try to be good parents because we want to raise good kids. But we also do things because it is the right thing—for them and for us. To paraphrase the Chris Rock joke, the reason for celebrities to be good people is not because they’re “role models.” It’s because it’s wrong to not be a good person! 

We try hard, we hold ourselves to a high standard because we know it makes a difference in our kids. It is having an impact, even if we don’t see it right now (they are listening, as we’ve said, just wait and it will surprise you). We also hold ourselves to a high standard because it makes a difference in our own lives…and because quite frankly, the alternative is unthinkable.

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