You Can Survive Anything

We doubt ourselves as parents. Not just sometimes but all the time. We wonder if we’re doing enough, if we’re doing it good enough. We wonder if we have what it takes.

Well, that can be put to rest. The last few years have settled the matter.

Because you have been through the wringer. You have been through the crucible. And? You’re still here.

We’ve talked before about that parenting lesson (and our challenge coin) Luctor Et Emergo before and how we have to let our kids struggle if we want them to be strong. Well, you have struggled. You have endured a historic pandemic, school shutdowns, lockdowns, political unrest, natural disasters and so much insanity it’s almost impossible to remember it all.

You got through it. You did your best. You may have stumbled but you never gave up. You might be exhausted from it—how could you not be—but you have also gained incredible strength from it. Seneca talks about how the real object of pity is the person who has never been through adversity. Those of us that have? It wasn’t easy but at least we know now what we’re capable of.

If you ever wondered if you had what it takes…now you have proof. You do.

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