You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

We sweat so much. Whether we’re on our phone too much, when we could (and should) be playing with our kids. Whether their lunch yesterday was perfect. Whether we attend every dance recital and graduation. Whether we’re doing enough. Whether they’ll hate us forever for not letting them go to this school trip or that sleepover. Whether they’re scarred forever because we lost our temper or forgot something they needed or couldn’t afford something they wanted because everyone else has one.

We’re hard on ourselves because we want to be great at this, because we want them to have great lives, and to be great. Well, if that’s really what we want, then we have to stop. Because it’s impossible to be perfect. And it doesn’t help anyone or anything when we beat ourselves up when we inevitably fail to meet that impossible standard.

Instead, let us try for something much more reasonable. What if we just tried to make sure that more often than not our interactions with our kids were positive. If more often than not we were present and not distracted. If more often than not what we fed them was nutritious and healthy. If more often than not we found a way for them to do fun things and pursue their interests. If more often than not we were able to be there for the special moments, for the times when they really need us.

If we can do that, if more often than not we can be the parent we’d like to be, then guess what? Then we are that parent. No one is asking you or expecting you to be perfect. We’re asking you to be good–consistently, regularly, more often than you are not those things.

That’s not exactly easy…but it is far more attainable than perfection.

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