You Got What You’ll Want

There’s been some iconic father-son moments in sports history. Tiger hugging his son Charlie after winning the Masters. Drew Brees lifting up his son Baylen after winning the Super Bowl. Michael Phelps running to kiss his son Boomer after making Olympic history. 

Now there is a new one:

“Jack!” Tom Brady screamed as he ran off the field after clinching his tenth trip to the Super Bowl. Before climbing the barrier, he points and asks security, “Can I say hi to my son?”. “Love you, kiddo,” Brady says after security lets him through. “I love you, man. I’ll call you a little bit later. Love you, kiddo.”

Why do these moments give us the chills? Because we know the feeling. It doesn’t matter what happened at work. It doesn’t matter what we’ve just done or been through. The first thing on our minds? Our kids. We want to hold them. We want to tell them we love them. We want to share with them

And here’s the other things about those moments: Yeah, sometimes we wish we had gone pro. Yeah, it’d be nice to make millions. To be famous. To reach the pinnacle. But the real prize? These athletes all reach for one thing… and it’s not the trophy. They want what you already have

Sure, pursue your dreams. Strive to be one of the best at what you do. Aspire to be great and successful and all that. But don’t ever forget that when or if you get there, you’re only gonna want what you already have. You can say hi to your son or daughter right now. You can tell them that you love them right now.

It’ll feel just as good as a trip to the Super Bowl.

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