You Guys Should Do This Together

Each morning, Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, get up early and, after they meditate, they read together. Actually, they read aloud to each other. Hugh to Debbora-Lee. Deborra-Lee to Hugh. 

“It’s the best,” Hugh recently said. “I recommend it to anyone. It’s the greatest way to start the day… we read, and we talk, because stuff’s on your mind. You don’t realize how much has been on your mind overnight, and it comes out in the morning. That way, no matter what happens through our day, we know that we’ve had quality time together. You always think, “Tonight; after work; after this; when we put the kids to bed, but that doesn’t always happen.”

Obviously, much of what we talk about here at Daily Dad is about the relationship you have with your kids, but of course, the relationship you have with your spouse matters a great deal too. Hugh’s routine is a wonderful one to emulate because it crosses off so many things we’ve talked about here: Getting up before your kids. Continuing your education. Getting in touch with your emotions and thoughts and worries. Modeling reading and good habits for your kids. Finding peace within the chaos of family and life. (It also doesn’t hurt that one of the books Hugh is reading with his wife is Stillness is the Key.)

So read with your spouse. Read with your kids too. Start a family book club. Process what you guys are reading and thinking about together. Start the day right.

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