You Won’t Be Able To Get It Out Of Your Head

You weren’t wrong. You did have some experience on the matter. You only wanted what was best for them.

You wanted them to stay in school. You didn’t want them messing around with something that could cause them trouble. You wanted them to be safe. You wanted to make sure they stayed the good and innocent and promising kid you used to carry around.

And they didn’t do themselves any favors either. They weren’t listening. They were oblivious to the trouble they were flirting with. They were pushing all your buttons the way that a teenager, the way that only your own progeny can. So you laid it all out. You lost your temper and you said what you thought needed to be said–you laid out the emotional, unpleasant truth. You tried brute force to get through to them.

As we’ve said before, it’s almost certain you regret this now. It never ages well. It never does anything positive for the relationship. As those lyrics we’ve been quoting go,

It’s a calculation I made a mistake on

I never should have said it like I said

It’ll come to me later like a space invader

And I won’t be able to get it out of my head

Stop yourself. Save yourself and them the heartache. And if it’s too late, then apologize. Own it. Make it right. Never do it again.

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