You Won’t Regret This

There are a lot of things that don’t age well. Tattoos done late at night, on impulse. Trendy haircuts. Lots of things we think are important, that we chase hard will turn out not to matter much to us later. Things we fought about, argued about will seem silly in retrospect. Fears, you find, don’t age well either–the things we worry about will become smaller the further we get from them.

But there is one decision you can be pretty sure you won’t come to regret, that will always age well. What is it?

The decision to spend time with your kids.

Years from now, you may wonder why you worked so hard, why you were so insistent on certain issues, why you ever thought that outfit looked cool, why you spent too much (or too little) money, why you didn’t forgive so-and-so…but you will not regret one minute you spent with your kids.

Taking the day off to have a daddy/daughter day, cutting a trip short to make it to your son’s game–this is the stuff that ages well. Even if it costs you a promotion, even if it wasn’t appreciated by your kids in the moment. You will appreciate it. You will think it’s worth it.

Deciding to be hands on, to be present, to *be there–*you won’t regret it. Ever.

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