Your Kids Are Not Political Pawns

If you watched the latest season of HBO’s Big Little Lies, there’s one scene that might have stood out to you. It’s the one where Amabella has a panic attack and faints in her second grade classroom…because her earnest but utterly stupid teacher has been scaring the children out of their minds about the dangers of climate change. 

You could say this is an absurd send-up, except only a few months previously, a group of real children were pushed to confront House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi over her lack of support for the Green New Deal. And when Pelosi saw this for exactly what it was, people got mad at her, not at the completely inappropriate decision of the teachers and parents who allowed it. On the other side of the spectrum, a seven year old boy from Austin raised $22,000 to fund the border wall with help from his idiot parents. 

There’s no question there is a lot of alarming stuff going on in the world and that our political battles have higher stakes than ever. And yes, those battles do ultimately affect our children. But you know whose responsibility that is? Whose problem it is? Not theirs! It’s your problem. It’s Dad’s responsibility. Their job is to be a child. Your job is to protect them and their future. It’s not to use them as a pawn in petty virtue signaling. It’s not to rile them up or polarize them before they’ve had a chance to form their own opinions. 

Some studies show that parents are increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of their kid marrying someone who belongs to the opposite party. Do you know how toxic that is? Do you think that kind of thinking is making the world a better or a worse place? Encouraging compromise or fostering polarization and animosity? 

Your kid is not a political pawn. Your kid is a kid. It’s our job to fight the political battles until they’re old enough to do it for themselves and their children.

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