Give Them Something to Believe In

The world is a dark place. Our politicians are liars. The climate is imperiled. Nobody stays married anymore. Social media has turned millions of people into self-absorbed morons.

This religious leader turns out to be an abuser. That historical figure is a hypocrite. This civic leader is a private monster. It seems like everything is falling apart, everything is broken, no one can be trusted.

What do we do? There is no one, sure answer. But as parents, we have to do something.

You don’t have to take your kids to church. They don’t have to believe in God. But you’re doing your kids a massive disservice if you don’t give them something to believe in.

What will that be? You have to figure it out. Find a cause. Find a philosophy. Find a mission. Find a way of living that instills hope and purpose in them. Because life is impossible…and childhood unbearable…without it.

We must look for the good. We must find the green sprouts. We must, as we’ve said before, point out the good bones. And if we can’t find them, we must make them, we must build them. Because that’s what’s holding this shaky thing up. That’s what’s keeping it going.

Most of all, you must try to be someone and something that your kids can believe in, something that’s sturdy enough to bear weight and protect them, until they are strong enough to protect themselves.

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