How Much Of This Do You Give Them?

You give your kids a lot. You pay for everything. You sacrifice so much–parts of your career, your health, your hobbies. You drive them around, you build your schedule around them.

And you give them your most precious resource–time, so much time. No one is questioning that. It’s indisputable.

But here is one question: How much phone-free time do you give them? Dr. Becky calls this PNP–Play No Phone–Time in her book Good Inside. You know, when you’re not texting, scrolling the news, answering the occasional call when on the floor building LEGOs with your kids. When you’re really engaged with them, so much so that when you get up, you’re checking your pockets and looking around for your phone because you actually lost track of it.

This is one of the greatest presents we can possibly give our kids: presence. Our full attention. When we enter their world. When we give ourselves over to them–when we let them turn us into the toy (we have a great video on this). Where we forget everything else. Where we let our inner-child out too (as Churchill did here).

And here’s the secret–this time is so special and powerful that even a few minutes of it is a lot. So much so that you may well lose track of time while doing it.

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