Never Wish For Less Time

We’re anxious for them to start crawling. We’re looking forward to when they start walking. We want to get where we’re going, for the flight to land, for school to start again. We can’t wait for them to fall asleep. We can’t wait until our kids can drive themselves to their friends’ houses, until the “terrible twos” or the hormones of puberty have ended.

It makes sense…but it’s also totally insane when you think about it. “I have a new rule in my life,” ​John Mayer said during a recent show​, “and the rule is: Never wish for less time. Waiting for things to be over is just wishing for less time. Waiting for this to be over to get to the next thing—that’s just wishing for less time.”

Wishing for less time with our kids, that’s what we’re doing. Wishing for their childhood to be over, that’s what we’re doing. “I’ve realized,” he adds, “Everything you love and hate leaves at the same speed: Done. Done. Done. The thing you hate that you have to do tomorrow will be over before you know it, and the thing you’re looking forward to tomorrow will be over before you know it…So wherever you go, just make a home right there and do that thing…Wherever you are, go, ‘this is where it’s all at right now.’ I’ve been having the time of my life because I figured that out.”

We should hold onto this rule ourselves. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we don’t get that many years with our kids. That ​we only get 18 to 20 summers​ with them under our roof. That ​they will only ask so many times​ for that ride to their friend’s house. That ​we are constantly losing them​.

So slow down. Tempus fugit (​as we say on our challenge coin​).

Time flies.

Everything leaves at the same speed. Appreciate any little bit of time you get with your kids. Never wish for less time…Savor it.

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