Show Them How To Challenge Themselves

Nobody wants to raise kids that struggle. Nobody wants their kids to run away from difficulty. Nobody wants their kids to stall out and not realize their full potential.

We want kids who rise to the challenges of life. We want kids who seek out challenges. We want to be a family that does this together–has fun doing challenges together (whether it’s a local 5k or a tough set of Legos), comes together when life visits challenges upon us (whether it’s a diagnosis or a natural disaster).

So how do we do this? As always, by showing and not telling. We have to show our kids what it looks like to struggle, to head towards the problem instead of away from it, to always be getting better. We have to seek out challenges and show our kids how we deal with them.

The New Year is an annual chance to do that. What bad habits are you going to wrestle with this year? What goals are you going to set for yourself? What’s a fun thing you could all do as a family to set the tone for the year? A cold plunge? An ambitious hike? A “who can read the most books this year competition?”

Show them that you’re a parent who challenges themselves. Show them that they can handle it.

If you’re looking for something: The Daily Stoic begins this Saturday. The set of 21 actionable challenges—presented one per day, built around the most timeless wisdom in Stoic philosophy—is really a set of 21 choices. Every morning, the email arrives in your inbox, and you have to choose. Will you take the easy way or the hard way? Will you read the email and leave it at that or will you take on the challenge? Will you get better this year?

That’s the question. That’s the choice. That’s the example you can set.

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