This Is How To Get What You Want

We’ve talked about so many things in this email over the last year, so many goals we have as parents. We talked about treating fatherhood as a second chance. We talked about giving what you didn’t get. We talked about the magic of the words “as a family.” We talked about how nothing is better than time spent with your kids, we talked about how wonderful it is to get them things. We talked about raising readers. We talked about a future with a “crowded table”—a family that’s close and stays close. 

But how do you do that? That’s the million dollar question. Or rather, it’s the priceless question—because there’s no amount of money you wouldn’t spend to make those ideas a reality. 

Of course, we know that these happy, thriving families don’t just happen. No one is born a great father. No one magically has the patience and kindness of a Mr. Rogers, the wisdom of a Marcus Aurelius, the leadership of Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights, the resilience of ‘Ma from Little House on the Prairie, the determination and unbreakable hope of the narrator in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road. 

No, these skills must be cultivated. They certainly weren’t taught in school or in culture. Not anymore anyway. This is something we’ve thought a lot about here at Daily Dad and at Daily Stoic. That’s why we put together this new course we’re calling The Stoic Parent

In it, you’ll learn how to: 

  • Strengthen your relationships with your children and your partner
  • React without anger when times are stressful
  • Guide your children in their education, both in school and as a person
  • Accept your children as they are, and motivate them to be the best people they can be

With all sorts of great benefits like:

  • Hours of exclusive audio interviews recorded between Ryan and parenting experts
  • A workbook that extends and builds upon each day, so that you can make the lessons stick
  • Recommendations for external books and lectures that you can read and watch to become a better parent

So sign up today. Be the great father you know you can be.

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