This Solves Most Problems

We’ve said before that taking a walk will solve most of your parenting problems. Getting the kids outside, rocking them with the ambulatory sway of our species, stimulating them with some sunlight and scenery. It’s decent for your relationships too—with both your kids and your spouse—to get some space, turn down the volume, distract the mind.

Any experienced parent can also tell you about another magical panacea. It’s called food.

Why is your kid screaming? Why are they terrorizing their sibling? Why can’t they focus during homeschool? Why can’t they fall asleep? Why is your teenager so moody?

The answer is simple. They are hungry. They’re hangry. And they don’t know it.

Moms have long carried snacks in their purses for a reason. Because it will solve most problems. Soothe most frayed nerves. Calm down most difficult situations. 

Somebody always forgets to eat. So feed them. Ask them if they’re hungry. Remind them that they’re hungry. Keep a tight meal schedule. Watch what happens. Oh also, when you’re grouchy and frustrated and anxious and short with your spouse and your kids—you might be hangry yourself. And like walking, grabbing something to eat will probably solve most of your adult problems too.

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