What Kind of Energy Are You Bringing

The ubiquity of the word “energy” these days is probably a sign of how pervasive pseudo-science and charlatans have become. We are inundated with energy healers and energy crystals. You can hire consultants to analyze your company’s energy. You can take a sound bath to remove negative energy, or have an aura reader interpret the energy you put out into the world.

Yet for all that nonsense, energy is a real thing in parenting. Just as Cesar Milan talks about projecting the right energy to your dog, so too can your kids pick up on the energy you are emanating. Bad day at work? They can feel it. Hate where you live? They can feel it. Pissed off at your spouse? They can tell, even if you only argue when they’re asleep.

Why are your kids running around like crazy, acting like monsters today? Well, maybe you ought to check what kind of energy you’re generating. Why is your son hitting his little brother? Maybe because you’re a ball of tension and frustration, and it’s contagious. Why is your daughter being such a terror? Maybe that resentment your wife is holding on to has something to do with it. Maybe she just couldn’t stand how things were at breakfast this morning—how awkward and weird it was.

When you see behavior and attitude problems, adjust your energy first. Look in the mirror first. If you want a happy home, a home with kindness and love and peace, then bring that energy with you. Project it consciously and deliberately—show that things are good with you and they will be better with everyone else.

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