What Your Kid Doesn’t Need

They don’t need expensive private schools. Plenty of kids have gotten by without that.

They don’t need much of anything that has to do with money, really. Think of all the people in history who have survived on so little. 

They don’t need to learn French or the cello. Does anyone? 

They don’t need to be kept away from screens or television or fed only organic foods. Most of us survived ok with less woke parents. 

They don’t even need you and their mom (or other dad) to stay together. It’s often better if you do, of course, but there are lots of different types of families. 

What they need, what there is not an alternative or substitute for is this: Unconditional support and acceptance. The reassurance that they are enough. That they don’t need to earn your love. That you are there for them whatever happens. That you see them for who they are and find that person to be just absolutely wonderful.

That’s it. They don’t need anything else. It’s all nice, sure, but what they can’t go without is you being there for them, loving them, seeing them, being happy with them.

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