Nothing is Better Than This. Prioritize Accordingly.

Is there anything better than the feeling of your kid’s head on your chest? Them running towards you at pick up time? Seeing their name pop up as an incoming call on your phone? Them asking for advice? Them asking to show you something?

Them dropping off the grandkids. Them all hanging out at your house. Going in for a hug. There’s nothing better, Springsteen sang, than blood on blood.

So why on earth would you prioritize anything else? Forget work or the other obligations that get between us and family, what of the opinions, the judgements, the conflicts that keep blood away from blood? How stupid this is. How little it should matter.

…what they choose to do for a living

…what color they dye their hair

…who they want to marry

…and on and on…

Yet for far too many parents, this gets in the way. Their faith pushes their children away. They can’t shut up. They can’t accept. They can’t stand not being in control. They can’t admit when they’re wrong, recognize somebody else’s feelings, respect someone else’s boundaries. They’d rather be right, to not have to change, than to have the most wonderful thing in the world.

Nothing should matter more than getting to be with them. You say you want the crowded table more than anything, ok, prove it. Let go of just about everything else.

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