You Ain’t Got Time

Maybe you did before, but you can’t now. Before you could afford to get sucked into drama, to gossip, to get into long arguments with your buddies, to be petty, to hold grudges, to follow the latest breaking news or celebrity.

But now? Now, you need to remind yourself: ​I ain’t got time for that​.

Because you don’t. You have kids now. You have people you’re responsible for. You have a big enough struggle on your hands.

Your crazy coworker is their own problem. That actor who cheated on their spouse is in their own mess. Your dumb neighbor with the flag for the political cult they’ve joined…Your sibling’s poor financial choices…That person who is embarrassingly wrong on the internet…You ain’t got time for that.

Not one second. You ain’t got one second for that anymore.


With all the distractions and noise out there to take away your attention as a parent, our Tempus Fugit challenge coin is a useful reminder that you ain’t got time for all that. Because life is short, because they grow up so fast, and you want to seize the moment while it’s still here. Get yours today at the Daily Dad Store!

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