You Can’t Do It For Them?

If you had an early flight, you’d get up no problem. If you had a chance to go see old friends or your favorite band, you’d stay up late without even thinking about it.

But your kids wake you up early or cut into sleep? Ugh! You’re full of complaints.

You’d walk a couple hours in the sun to play golf at Pebble Beach without issue…but if your kids wanted to go to the state fair or Disneyland, you’d be texting your friends updates about how hot and exhausting it is. Or as we’ve talked about before, you’d pretend to be interested if it meant closing a business deal, you’d be on your best behavior if it was a date, but for your kids? Somehow this is where you yourself revert back to being a petulant, put upon teenager.

If there is anyone who deserves your best behavior, your most deliberate presence, your widest smile, your most ‘just happy to be here’ mood, it’s them. If there is anyone you should muster patience and energy for, it’s them.

Because someday you’ll kill for another chance to do these things. Because someday everything else will fade away–you won’t be thinking fondly of those trips to Vegas with the college friends, you’ll be thinking back to the time you got to spend with your family…and it will be a real shame if the vibe you remember was ingratitude and resentment.

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